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Tom Scott

Certificate in Education, class of 1964

Tom ScottI remember our physics lecturer chain-smoked Senior Service cigarettes during lectures and in the lab. Those were the days! No filter tips then, and no one yet knew about the link between smoking and lung cancer. His hands were covered in yellow nicotine stains. He bought his cigarettes in tins of 50 and all the empty tins lined the shelves of the labs and were used for storing nuts and bolts. There must have been dozes of those tins.

Winter fog was common as there was still a lot of heavy industry in Sheffield at that time. I remember one smog was so dense that walking back up Broomgrove Road at night you had to feel your way along the wall with your hands.

Our accommodation in Collegiate Hall left a lot to be desired. Each floor in halls had a kitchen and at weekends we were given such delicacies as eggs, bread, marmite and sandwich spread for self-catering. If you were off for the weekend the cry went up, 'Can I have your egg?'

We moved over to Broomgrove Hall for our last year in 1964. We used to play corridor hockey in winter and corridor cricket in the summer. During one game Richard Ackroyd was bowling overarm and his arm hit across the beam on the ceiling. He fractured his arm. We had difficulty in explaining how he did it to the Warden.

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