James's story

James's story


James Beighton, Employment Coordinator

James is a Student Employment Coordinator at Sheffield Hallam and has worked with students who have successfully applied to the Cantor Global Mobility Bursary to improve employability and take on work placement opportunities on a global scale.

"The Cantor Bursary is just one example of the opportunities we have at Sheffield Hallam for students to really fulfil their potential and get global work experience.

"As part of the Cantor Global Mobility Bursary we've had students go across the globe in 28 different countries. We've had students in Fiji working on community and conservation projects and we've had a student go to look after marine biology and conservation of great white sharks in South Africa. All of this great standout experience is going to help them in forging a career in their chosen field.

"The students involved have all been enthusiastic, passionate, and have a desire to do something completely outside of their comfort zone that will directly impact their future career, enhance them as a person and ultimately improve their employability.

"Opportunities to get global work experience are traditionally competitive and hard to come by. Often our students won't have the money behind them to be able to take up opportunities on a global scale. This is where the Cantor Mobility Bursary has had the greatest impact. It has helped students to really break down the barriers and get global work experience within a culture that's not familiar and is challenging towards them."

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