Why I decided to give – How donors are creating a better future

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Why I decided to give – How donors are creating a better future

We are truly thankful to our compassionate donor community who reflect our values and passion for transforming lives.

Carole Stephenson is one of our generous donors that are helping us make a significant impact on the lives of our students.

After completing her social sciences undergraduate degree with the Open University, Carole joined Sheffield Hallam in 2001 to study MSc Urban Regeneration whilst working in local authorities. Carole was sponsored by her works so all the textbook and travel expenses she incurred during her studies were all paid for.

Carole valued her course at the University as it was a broad course which complimented her work in community regeneration and services. It also helped her build on her existing knowledge from her undergraduate degree.


I’m sure there would have been many jobs I would never have got if it wasn’t for my master’s degree from Sheffield Hallam. Coming up to Sheffield also opened my eyes in my field of study, seeing new areas, communities and surroundings was excellent for my understanding. Gaining a master’s degree from Hallam also gave me more confidence in myself.’


Carole began to support the Hallam Fund in 2017 after a receiving a phone call from one of our student ambassadors. She enjoyed hearing about the projects the fund supports and decided to donate monthly.


‘I have always been supported in my life, so I wanted help someone else. I was lucky to receive some funding, but I know some students who need support might not be so lucky. When I heard about what the Hallam Fund does, it just appealed to me, and I just thought I could do that and I can continue to do it each month.

I knew it was going somewhere where it’s going to make a difference. It’s all about helping young people who would usually really struggle without our support to develop themselves and to give them a fair chance. I am also updated on how my donations are helping the students that need the support the most. I’ve attended the donor event and hearing first-hand from students how it’s made a difference was really lovely.’


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