Helping young asylum seekers pursue a brighter future

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Helping young asylum seekers pursue a brighter future

Yordanos is one of the young asylum seekers who had to flee her home with her daughter and found sanctuary in the UK.

All alone in a new country, without the love and support of her family, this young mother had to try and rebuild her life all while worrying about how to make ends meet. While her case was pending during the lengthy immigration process, Yordanos was not allowed to work and her student loan was denied by Student Finance England. Going to university was a faraway dream, she felt hopeless.

Thankfully, our donors are advocates of the belief that everyone who's had to flee their home must be supported to rebuild their lives again. Recognising the remarkable strength, resilience, and commitment that Yordanos showed in pursuing her ambition, she was awarded a Sanctuary Scholarship that gave her the opportunity to transform her life through education at Sheffield Hallam. Comprising of a full tuition fee waiver, an annual maintenance grant, and a bespoke package of tailored support, the scholarships helped Yordanos become a Mental Health Nurse.

‘I was extremely happy when I heard I got the scholarship. When it felt like my life was falling deeper into darkness, the scholarship changed the story and lightened it up. Even though life is full of difficulties and uncertainties, I felt that if I believed and worked towards my dream, it could happen. I wanted to attend university as I have held on to a dream since I was 17 years old to open a rehabilitation centre, to help young people aged 13-26, who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sexually exploited. Mental Health Nursing is a steppingstone towards achieving my dream. The Sanctuary Scholarship helped me achieve my burning desire. I was hopeless, but I felt alive again.’

The scholarship was a lifeline to Yordanos who could not enjoy her life knowing that she was not able to study or practice. As she was not eligible for any other bursaries or benefits, the funding was used to cover basic expenses, such as food, transport and utility bills for her and her daughter.

Yordanos is grateful to the regular donors who give to the Hallam Fund and support Sanctuary Scholarships, offering young asylum seekers like her the support they need to thrive at university.

‘If kind people like you do not support people like me, we would not take a step further with the heavy load tied on our feet. The scholarship was the only chance I was given to succeed. Your donation and generosity restored my dream when it was vanishing like smoke. Saying thank you is not enough so; I will become an honourable nurse. I have a responsibility to make your dream of seeing people like me, who are left with no hope, succeed and prove people wrong. Your generosity will be paid forward.’

None of this would have been possible without our community of supporters. Thanks to your kindness, scholars like Yordanos can equip herself with the skills needed to find employment and fulfil her dreams of one day giving back to the community.


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