Making a life-changing difference to our student community

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Making a life-changing difference to our student community

We are immensely thankful to our Hallam Fund donor community for helping students make the most of their time at Sheffield Hallam. 

Sam Coulby is one of our regular donors. He is helping us shape a future where every student who has the desire to thrive can obtain the education they need and fulfil their dreams.

Sam grew up in London and came up to Sheffield in 1997 to study for his undergraduate degree. Since graduating in 2000, he has continued to live in Sheffield. For the last 17 years, Sam has been working at Sheffield Hallam University. He is currently working as a People Portfolio Operations Manager, where he focuses on developing the workforce and culture at the university, which includes developing equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Sam started to donate to the Hallam Fund in 2016. Ever since then, he has regularly donated from his monthly salary. Sam believes that everyone deserves a right to education and strives to play a key role in breaking down barriers for students who are the most disadvantaged.

"The money that comes out of my salary, I don't miss it. We spend a lot of our disposable income on things that might not even matter in six months to a year. That money could be better spent on helping change someone's life prospects.

When I initially got involved, it was mostly about supporting students who come from underprivileged backgrounds in the UK, but over the years sanctuary scholarships are something I have become more aware of, and I feel for students in those situations.

I've also got my own kids, but I know they will probably be well supported, financially and from a family support perspective, to pursue the education they want. So, when I hear stories about students who don't come from these backgrounds, I want to contribute towards them getting their education. The communications that I receive from the Hallam Fund show me how my money is contributing. This keeps me motivated to continue giving to the cause."

Sam is a dedicated member of the donor community and is an advocate of the fund. He enjoys participating in community fundraising events such as the Sheffield Half Marathon and the Sheffield 10k in support of the Hallam Fund. Through his fundraising efforts, he has had the opportunity to understand different students' circumstances and how the Hallam Fund has made an impact. He recognises that supporting the young people who will shape the future of our society will create a better future for everyone.

Sam has also organised his own fundraisers to further help students seeking sanctuary in the UK.

"At work, we ran an event called 'Voices from a city of sanctuary', where sanctuary scholars came along to talk to staff about their journey and how funding has helped them. One of the calls to action for the campaign was to encourage staff to donate to the sanctuary scholarships through the Hallam Fund. As I already donate monthly, I thought I could do some individual fundraising and combine this with something I loved doing anyway, which was football. We set up a match between Sheffield Hallam staff and a team of refugees and asylum seekers and raised money towards the Hallam Fund."

Sam is one of many donors that are making a life-transforming impact on the lives of students. We are truly appreciative of all our supporters who are helping us change lives. 

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