Scholarships instil confidence in ambitious students

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Scholarships instil confidence in ambitious students

A scholarship can help students make the most of their time at university. Generous donations to the Hallam Fund are funding undergraduate scholarships that offer the most disadvantaged students the best opportunity to fulfil their academic potential and excel in their courses, regardless of the challenges they face.

Second year student, Louise is one of the Hallam Fund scholars studying law at the University. As a parent, she had to overcome significant financial obstacles to access higher education. Louise always wanted to study law, but due to her family commitments, she could never find the time or the finances to make her dream come true. Getting into Sheffield Hallam University was a step toward the future Louise envisioned for herself and her family. The barrier of being a mature student and having to mix with younger peers made Louise apprehensive to join the University, but the scholarship provided her with newfound confidence to pursue her aspiration. 

The scholarship also gave Louise financial security, taking away the additional burden of self-financing. 

"The scholarship has helped me to secure childcare for my son and purchase course materials that I otherwise would not have been able to get. It's also helped with the rising living costs." 

This transformative work would not be possible without the generosity of supporters like our donors. Not only did the scholarship alleviate financial pressures, but it also instilled resilience in Louise and enabled her to immerse herself in the University, despite entering the University as a mature student.

"The scholarship has given me a sense of worth. It made me feel that despite my obstacles to learning, people are willing to invest in me. This enables me to better my life. It has boosted my confidence in learning and pushed me to achieve the best I can and not give up when things get tough." 


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