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Campus Plan

Campus Plan

We launched our ambitious Campus Plan in 2018, outlining a significant transformation of our estate with the aspiration to move to a single city centre campus over a 20-year timeframe.

However, the pandemic significantly changed attitudes and expectations towards working and learning. This provided us with an opportunity to develop and adopt new approaches in how we use space and our campus estate.

Accelerating the Campus Plan

Climate change is a significant challenge for us all and our new plans set out ambitious proposals to address this, aligned to our UN Race to Zero commitments. As ways of working and teaching develop, we are learning that we are using our buildings in different ways and there are opportunities to develop spaces that can deliver a much higher impact and a more efficient campus.

The original Campus Plan has therefore been reviewed, and our plans will be accelerated to deliver a vibrant and engaging campus that is focused on supporting applied learning and flexible settings for working, teaching and collaborating.

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