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LGBT+ students

LGBT+ students

LGBT Students 

Whether you are thinking about coming to Sheffield Hallam or you are already a student here, we want to ensure that we provide the very best support possible for all our students. The University understands that LGBT students can face different barriers to success at university and for that reason we have a number of measures to support you. 

What sort of careers advice can you offer Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans students?  

The Student and Graduate Employability Service is committed to encouraging and empowering all students and graduates to achieve their full potential and to make well-informed decisions about their careers. 

All members of the Student and Graduate Employability Service at Sheffield Hallam University will treat you with dignity, respect and understanding, and give you non-judgmental, impartial and confidential careers information, advice and guidance. 

The Student and Graduate Employability Service also has a specific Senior Employability Adviser who has responsibility for looking after the needs of LGBT+ students, Linda Wilson. Linda is a member of the staff LGBT+ network, and understands the needs of LGBT+ students who are thinking about their future careers. Contact the Careers and Employability Service to book an appointment with Linda, or call/email her directly on 0114 225 3744 /

Useful Information Starting Out: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Careers Guide: a tool to help graduates and career-changers find out more about LGBT+ friendly employers.  

Guide to your rights around sexual orientation issues, Guide to finding LGBT positive employers, Guide to disclosing your sexual orientation to employers, Guide to your rights around trans issues, Guide to disclosing your trans status to employers, Guide to finding trans positive employers

How can Hallam staff who identify as LGBT get advice or support at Sheffield Hallam? 

If you are a LGBT member of staff at Sheffield Hallam (some staff are also enrolled as students on courses here as well, for example if you are doing a PhD), you may like to know that there is an LGBT+ staff network, currently called SIGNAL. Read more about the work of SIGNAL here

If you would like to find out more before signing up, please email and a member of the group will get back to you. If you would like advice on careers and employability matters for LGBT+ students you are teaching or supporting, please get in touch with Linda Wilson.

What are staff Allies programmes and is there one at the University? 

Allies programmes exist in many large organisations and are for non LGBT+ identifying (and also LGBT+ identifying) colleagues. At Sheffield Hallam we have an active staff Allies programme. Members of staff have signed up to be an ally in order to demonstrate their inclusive practice, and to signal to colleagues and students alike that they understand that LGBT+ students study here, and that student and visitors will be treated supportively and without prejudice. They attend awareness raising training and you will see them wearing rainbow lanyards around the campuses. 

Equality Act 

Is Sheffield Hallam a Stonewall Diversity Champion? 

The Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme is a good practice network of organisations that work together to ensure that they create a working environment where everyone is able to be themselves, and yes, Sheffield Hallam University is a Stonewall Diversity Champion.

Stonewall's Top 100 Employers for 2020

Are there any career development related opportunities specifically for LGBT students? 

AuthentiCity is an event, supported by Stonewall, created exclusively for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* (LGBT) undergraduates looking to explore career opportunities in the City. You’ll get to speak to representatives from six worldwide firms, who’ll be providing a valuable insight into their work and sharing their experiences of being LGBT in the workplace. Get involved and we could show you just how much you can accomplish while still remaining true to who you are. 

Who should attend?

If you have career aspirations in Legal, Investment Banking, Professional Services, Fund Management, Insurance or Real Estate – or you simply wish to explore what these industries have to offer – then this event is for you. Many people believe their gender or sexuality can put them at a disadvantage when looking for jobs. Our aim, above all, is to help put your mind at rest, open your eyes to the wide range of options available, and encourage you to show the world what you’re really capable of. 

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