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We offer a range of appointments to support you at whatever stage you are at! Please note: all of our appointments are currently being offered online via Zoom, or by phone. Once you have followed the advice throughout the website, it may be time to book one of the following:

Lunchtime CV Clinic appointment

Once you have followed the stages on our ‘How to write a CV’ page, it’s time to login to UniHub to book a Lunchtime CV Clinic appointment. An Employability Adviser will look through your CV to make sure it is tailored to your industry and give you any other relevant feedback to help your CV be the best it can be. These are bookable on the day only.

Practice Interviews

If you have an interview coming up or are looking to practice your skills in general, you can login to UniHub to book a 45 minute Zoom practice interview in which you will receive detailed feedback from our panel members, designed to improve your performance and confidence. Take a look at our interview page to help you fully prepare for your practice interview.

In order to help us prepare, if you are able to do so, please provide us with job details, e.g. a job description or link to a job advert, then we can create the most relevant questions for you, and ensure the interview is useful and can reflect what may happen in a real life environment.

Employability Adviser Appointment

Our Employability Advisers (EAs) will support you in a 30 minute appointment to discuss anything related to your job search:

  • how to improve your CV
  • how to complete application forms
  • how to prepare for a selection event
  • what employers are looking for
  • how to find relevant jobs
  • how to improve your LinkedIn profile

As a graduate or current student, you can book a 'Careers - Employability Adviser (Any)' appointment. If you are a current student, you can also book to see an Employability Adviser within your college in a 'Careers- Your Employability Adviser' appointment- see ‘Meet the Team’ for who you could talk to. Log in to UniHub now to see what appointments are available

Senior Employability Adviser Appointment

Our Senior Employability Advisers are here to offer you specialist careers guidance in a 45 minute appointment, which will help you to make decisions about what to do in the future. You could discuss:

  • your potential career options
  • how to decide what to do
  • how to market your skills effectively
  • how to realise your full potential
  • postgraduate study options in the UK or overseas
  • career planning if you are thinking of changing or leaving your course

Login to UniHub to book a Careers- Guidance (Any) appointment

How to prepare for your appointment:

We want to ensure that you get the most out of your appointment. Please make sure you are prepared by doing the following:

  • Search and read through the advice on our website, and use our online digital resources to help you get ahead
  • Send us a copy of any relevant documentation prior to your appointment eg. CV, application form, job description
  • Prioritise - there may not be time to discuss everything in one session so make sure you get to talk about the ones most important to you first

Remember you don't need to have all the answers - we are here to help!

How to book an appointment

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