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PhD study

By joining our doctoral student research scheme you will have:

  • supervision with active researchers in your chosen area.
  • access to world class equipment, research laboratories and resources.
  • part-time teaching to enhance your PhD experience and maximise employability.
  • funding to help with study costs.
  • a vibrant calendar of events, research talks and workshops.
  • membership of the PhD forum and research interest groups.
  • awards for high-achieving students.

Current research students

Our current students are studying topics across a broad and diverse range of applied social science topics. They are encouraged to disseminate their work through peer-reviewed publications and conference attendance. Each year students organise their own research symposium to present their work.

Some of our recent studies have addressed:

  • how bilinguals store and access words in dual languages.
  • The Threat to Disrupt and Target in transnational child sex offenders.
  • the effects of augmenting nutrition after a traumatic brain injury.
  • the barriers and facilitators to weight management in pregnancy.
  • metacognitive analyses of international students' experience of UK education.
  • the transition to fatherhood.
  • tracking eye movement to social stimuli after a traumatic brain injury.

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Our Projects

Men and women training at the gym using rowing machines.

Project SAFE YOU

Assessing the psychological risk factors of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in sports.

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Man on phone looking at the CFHealthHub app


Developing and an intervention to support adherence to treatment of Cystic Fibrosis.

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Athlete jumping over hurdles on an Olympic track.

Wellbeing of retired athletes

Developing an intervention to support athletes as they transition out of elite sport.

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Contact the CeBSAP to discuss facilities, partnerships, doctoral research and more

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