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Professional Placement team

Professional Placement team

The professional placements team are here to help support everyone involved in placements.  They help academic staff allocate and facilitate learning for all professions on every placement in the Faculty of Health and Well being.  We are an excellent source of information regarding the processes that need to happen on placement.  

You will find contact details for the placement learning team from the contact us link above.  For each area of Nursing and Midwifery or Allied Health Professions or Social Work, Social Care and Community Studies there is a dedicated team to help for that area.  Group emails and phone numbers are available that can be picked up by multiple people to help answer queries quickly and effectively. In the near future the team will be hosting more information here to make helping students and staff even easier.

Placement Education Management System (PEMS)

If you are using PEMS to share information about placement learning, please ensure that you have read and adhere to GDPR as set out in the PEMS Privacy Notice (PDF, 210.3KB).

You can link to PEMS here. You can access information using your PEMS login.