Placement expectations

Placement expectations

Clinical education of all students is a partnership arrangement between the student, placement staff and placement tutors. Clarification of the expectations and responsibilities of all those involved, including some of the requirements outlined in the Learning Development Agreement are outlined below. The aim is to ensure that students are prepared to be fit for purpose as registered health or social care professionals.

Expectations on any placement can be considered from the perspective of:

  • Students
  • University Staff
  • Any member of staff in the area of placement
  • Any user or person associated with the user in the area of placement

The wording and terminology of these expectations will differ from one profession to the next depending on the health or social care environment; however the underlying expectations are similar relating to all parties being respectful and courteous, adhering to policies and procedures, being flexible and mindful of as much notice as possible regarding issues such as allocation and absence, conducting themselves in a highly professional manner using optimum communication strategies, be open to raise concerns if necessary, respect the rights, dignity, equality and diversity of all in placement learning environments

Placement Learning Expectations