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Disabled student support

Disabled student support

Sheffield Hallam University 'Disabled Student Support services' provide information, advice and support for all students with disabilities and long term health conditions. Information about this service is available via the university's Disabled Student Support page.

Many students undertaking placement learning experiences spend a significant amount of time on their placement. Should placement provider staff require advice or information to facilitate the placement learning experience, they should contact the student's link tutor at the University in the first instance. The linking member of staff is supported by the Student Support Adviser and Disability Coordinators for the course.

Disclosing a Disability or Long Term Health Condition

In order for the university and placement providers to provide appropriate support, we actively encourage the student to disclose and provide the student with written guidelines about this. The decision to disclose or not is a personal decision made by the student; however, disclosure allows adjustments to be made enabling the student to fulfil their potential.