Student Placement Allocation Charter

Students will be allocated to an audited placement within the placement circuit referred to at recruitment and in induction. Placement mentors will have completed an annual mentor update, and will have completed all mandatory training in order to ensure that their assessment of the student is valid.

The placement allocation team will keep students updated via messages on blackboard regarding placement allocations.

Once your placement has been made visible on blackboard you should contact the placement area that you have been allocated to and introduce yourself to them and request your off duty. Please contact your placement area at least 5 days before your placement is due to commence

Before contacting a placement area in Yorkshire and the Humber Region, please view the area's profile which can be accessed via your login on

Before contacting a placement area outside the Yorkshire and the Humber Region, please view information about the area via the Placement Providers section on this webpage.

Placement information will not be made visible to students until placement areas have confirmed with the placement allocation team that they are able to accommodate their allotted students. This is usually 3 weeks before the commencement of placement.

Sometimes, in exceptional circumstances, placement information may be delayed; this is because of changes to placement capacity across the placement circuit.In such situations students may not be notified where they have been allocated to until shortly before they are due out on placement.

Details of the process for allocating you a placement can be found below. This list of areas is subject to change across the lifetime of the course, as providers may change their placement offer for reasons beyond the university's control. New areas may be added to the list and existing areas may be removed.

The Student Placement Allocation Charter. Placement staff have the right to expect courtesy and respect at all times.

Placement Processes

The Placement Allocation Process illustrates the key stages that are followed to apply the Faculty Process when allocating ODP students to practice placement learning experiences.

Personal circumstances and placement allocation

If you feel you have mitigating circumstances that may influence your ability to attend placements these need to be considered during the placement allocation process. Below you will find the Placement Mitigating Circumstances procedure and an accompanying form to complete if you would like your circumstances to be considered during the allocation process. 

Placement Mitigating Circumstances (PMC) Review Procedure

Placement Mitigating Circumstances (PMC) form

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