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Saving our digital heritage from being deleted

When Flash Player is deleted at the end of 2020, many important works of digital fiction will be erased. We've found an innovative, immersive way to preserve them.

Reviving a forgotten playwright for a new era

John Ford shaped the history of theatre, but most of his work is forgotten. Professor Lisa Hopkins has staged a revival of this neglected but fascinating 17th century playwright.

Matthew Stibbe: Changing views of twentieth century German history at A/AS and GCSE level

Matthew Stibbe's research on different aspects of World War I captivity and post-war reintegration of POWs into society offers new ways of looking at the legacy of the First World War in the 1920s and early 1930s

What WW1 civilian internment can teach us about today

At least 800,000 civilians were imprisoned during WW1, but little is known about their experiences. Professor Matthew Stibbe is unlocking their untold story.

Chris Hopkins and Erica Brown: English popular fiction 1900–1950 and the reading public

The Readerships and Literary Cultures 1900–1950 Special Collection is a collection of 1,000 early editions of popular novels, with research into popular fiction, readerships and hierarchies of literary taste

Clare Midgley: The history of British women's public activism

Professor Clare Midgley draws on her expertise in the history of British women's public activism to bring women's historic achievements into the public eye

Office Life in 20th-century London

A fresh perspective on how the rise of the clerical sector changed the workplace in the twentieth century

Dr Nicola Verdon: Life on the land, the British countryside since 1800

Nicola Verdon's work on the social and economic history of the British countryside in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries focuses on rural work patterns, family life and gender relations

Mike Harris – From One Extreme to Another: Theatre in Education

Mike Harris's commissioned play From One Extreme to Another is about far-right and so-called 'Islamic' extremism and aims to open up for discussion by young people and teachers a sensitive topic

Memory, commemoration and working-class politics

The rising prominence of the clerical sector was one of the most important changes in the twentieth-century workplace. Clerical workers became a key component of cityscapes and urban communities.

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