Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop

This service has been provided in order to give access to certain applications that require high specification PCs. You will not be able to use this service if you are not on a course that needs access to it and will be advised by your tutor if this is the case.

Important information

If you are having trouble, the following factors can affect the performance of an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) session:

  • In order to make sure AVD is running as fast as possible, we recommend using Onedrive instead of your homespace (F:) for file storage. Please make sure that all files have finished synchronising in OneDrive before leaving or logging out of AVD; you may lose work if the OneDrive sync process is not complete. What do the OneDrive icons mean?
  • Accessing the internet using a shared connection (multiple users in a single house).
  • Accessing the internet over wi-fi in an area with a poor connection or multiple active wireless devices.
  • If you or any other user on your network is using streaming media such as high-def video (Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video etc.) at the same time you are accessing AVD. Any other type of high traffic usage on your network on any device (computer, TV, phone, tablet) such as file downloads, streaming via TV, music downloads etc.
  • Please ensure you are not connected to the VPN before using AVD. VPN is not required to access AVD.

It would help free up resources for other users if you could please properly log out when you have completed your work. Use the sign-out shortcut on the desktop rather than the cross at the top of the window.

Installing on personal devices

There is a wide variety of clients which can be used on personal devices. To install please visit the Microsoft site for download links and install instructions. Detailed instructions (PDF, 249.8KB) on installing Remote Desktop client on personal PC.

Logging into the AVD

Open the client, at which point you will be prompted to subscribe to a workspace. Press ‘Subscribe with URL’ and enter - When the feed of desktops you have access to has been downloaded, you should double-click the desktop you wish to access. When prompted to log in, use your SHU network identity in the format, with the same password as you would use to log into your SHU computer.

Software available by AVD

The AVD service will sign you out if your session is not being interacted with – this will include if a job has started rendering and you minimise the window to wait for it to complete – we recommend that you periodically return and interact with it (move the mouse etc.)  

Please try and only use this service when you need to access these applications:

Engineering & Specialist Desktop

Use the Engineering & Specialist Desktop – Access instructions. (PDF, 426.9KB)

The client will log you out if left unattended for 2 hours. The session will be cleared down if you don’t return within 2 hours(4 hours total).


Architecture & Design Software

Use the Architecture desktop - Access instructions (PDF, 371.2KB).

The client will log you out if left unattended for 30 minutes. The session will be cleared down if you don’t return within 30 minutes (1 hour total).

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NavisWorks Manager
Recap Pro 2023
Autodesk Revit 2023 + Enscape, Elum and Sefaira