Module selection

Module selection

Module Selection is your opportunity to decide which elective modules you would like to study alongside your compulsory modules. Choosing electives enables you to focus on subjects of a particular interest to you or that will support your future career ambitions.

In the lead up to Module Selection, your course administration team will provide you with information about the options available to you and you will have the opportunity to speak with Module Leaders if you have any questions.

Most modules are selected using an online task in My Student Record during a limited window of time. You will receive an email inviting you to choose your modules when the task is available. Be sure to check your Hallam email account.

A small number of courses offer Module Selection through Google Docs, rather than the online task. If this applies to your course, you will be contacted by your course administration team and supported through the process.

You must complete Module Selection by the given deadline. If you do not select your modules in time, you will be allocated modules that may not be your preferred choice. You will not be able to change them.


New students

Most elective modules are offered in the second or subsequent year of study. However, a few courses offer electives in the first year.

Module Selection either takes place before the start of your course or during semester one, depending on the course you are studying.


Returning students

Students on the second or subsequent year of study are invited to choose modules for the next academic year.

Module Selection for returning students takes place in March.


For more information and guidance, visit our Module Selection guide page.