Module selection guide

Module selection guide

Getting started

On the day Module Selection opens, you will receive an email to your Hallam address confirming it’s time to choose. When you receive the email, follow these steps:

  • Log in to My Student Record with your login details
  • Contact IT Help if you have any problems logging in
  • Click My Modules from the side menu
  • Under Online Module Selection, click the Click Here to Select your Modules link
  • Read the information on the welcome page carefully, checking your details displayed
  • If your details are correct, click Yes to continue
  • If your details are not correct, contact Hallam Help
  • The next screen shows your compulsory modules at the top of the page and elective modules to choose from underneath


Viewing information about your modules

Before making your selection, you might want to learn more about the modules available to you. To view module information

  • Make a note of the module code you would like to know more about and navigate back to the My Modules page on My Student Record
  • Under Course and Module descriptors, click the Search for Module Information link
  • Add the module code and academic year you are choosing for
  • Click View Descriptor to see more information
  • If after reading the details on screen you would like to know more, contact Hallam Help to arrange to speak to the Module Leader


Selecting your modules

  • The rules for choosing your electives are displayed at the top of each list. For example, you may be asked to choose one module for semester one from a list, and one module for semester two from another list.
  • Click on View List to see modules to choose from
  • To select a module, click the Add button. Your choice will appear in the Selected Modules box on screen
  • Continue to select modules until you have met the rules of your list
  • If you change your mind, you can delete a module from the Selected Modules box by clicking the bin icon


Confirming your choices

  • When you are happy with your module choices, click Submit Selections
  • Your compulsory and elective modules will show on the next screen
  • Check your selections carefully. To change your electives, click Undo Selections to return to the start of the process
  • To complete module selection, you must click Finish. If you exit the screen without clicking Finish, your modules will not be confirmed, and you risk being allocated modules that may not be your preferred choice. Once you click Finish, you cannot change your elective modules
  • After completing module selection, you will receive an email confirming your choices


Viewing your selected modules

After module selection, you can view your modules in My Student Record. It can take up to 24 hours for elective modules to display

  • Click My Modules from the side menu
  • Click the Click Here to View your Modules link

Please be aware the University may withdraw elective modules after the selection period if the number of students studying is too low. In this case, you will be contacted by your course administration team.


Module selection help

  • If you have difficulty accessing My Student Record, please contact IT Help
  • For any other queries about module selection, please contact Hallam Help