What can I take into exams?

What can I take into exams?

Updated August 2023

Only bring essential items to your exam. The following items are permitted on your desk: Minimal stationery, University SHUcard, and a clear unlabelled bottle of water.


Unless otherwise stated, you must bring your own pens, pencils, rulers, and any other required equipment to each exam. These should be kept in a transparent pencil case.

Bags and outdoor clothing

You are not allowed to wear coats, scarves, hats or outdoor wear (exemptions apply for religious or medical reasons) during examinations. Place all bags and outdoor clothing in the designated area of the room as indicated by the invigilators.


Place all valuables in the plastic box provided and put the box under your desk. This includes mobile phones, ipods, MP3 players, keys, wallet / purse. In addition, you must remove your watch and place it in the plastic box.

Mobile phones

Students found with mobile phones and electronic devices on their person are investigated for misconduct by the University Cheating Allegation Panel, which often results in academic penalties. Please switch off all electronic devices before you enter the venue and place them in the box provided.


You must bring your own calculator if your examination requires one. There are no restrictions on the type of calculator you can bring into your examination.


If you need to take medication during your exam, please alert the Invigilator before the exam starts. The Invigilator may inspect any medication packaging.

Water bottles

You are allowed to take into the venue a clear unlabelled bottle of water.