Your guide to exams

Your guide to exams

Updated: 18 April 2024

The University’s main exam periods can be found on our key dates page. Most exams are due to start at 9:30am or 2pm. However, you must ensure that you are available for examinations at any time during exam periods, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 9pm. 

Exams will be delivered either on campus or online via Blackboard. View more information on what to expect during exams.

Viewing your exam timetable

You can view your exam date, time and duration on MyTimetable

For undergraduate students your exam timetable will be available on* on 17 November 2023 for semester 1 exams and 22 March 2024 for semester 2 exams.

For postgraduate students your exam timetable will be available on* 17 November 2023 for trimester 1, 22 March for trimester 2 and 2 August for trimester 3 exams.

*exam dates are provisional and may change.

The University’s Exam Code of Conduct

Make sure you are familiar with the policies Examination Conduct and Academic Conduct Regulation. Please also check what you can and can't take into exams.

  • Remember your SHUcard, you will need to show this to the invigilators.
  • Remain silent as soon as you enter the exam venue.
  • Switch off your mobile phone and remove your watch, including smart watches, and place in the plastic box provided.
  • Use a clear bottle (without labels) only to take water into the exam.

Individual exam requirements

If you need adjustments for exams, you need to ensure that you have a learning contract with the Disabled Student Support team at least 10 working days before the publication of your exam timetable to guarantee your requirements.

If you feel you require individual examination adjustments, please contact the Disabled Student Support team as soon as possible.