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Research projects

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18 January 2022

How we’re working to reduce the use of animal testing in medical research

Every year, vital research is carried out aimed at curing or alleviating the effects of diseases. Find out how we’re working to reduce the use of animal testing in medical research.

16 December 2021

Using virtual reality to reduce pain and aid rehabilitation

Our researchers are making life-changing links between virtual reality (VR) and healthcare to help patients recover from serious injuries.

29 November 2021

How we’re helping charities support more people than ever

Our research has changed the way charities in the UK file their accounts. The new process has saved almost £40 million in admin — money which now goes to the people who need it most.

17 November 2021

How we’re giving cancer survivors a better quality of life

Our research about how exercise and lifestyle changes can help cancer survivors has changed international guidelines on treating cancer — and improved countless lives.

03 November 2021

How our pioneering new healthcare model is helping people stay active

A new model for referring patients with long-term health conditions developed as part of the London 2012 Olympic Legacy is providing answers to one of the biggest health challenges across the world — how to get us all to move more.

01 November 2021

Making HIV nursing care work for patients

There are over 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK. Our research is helping them get the care they deserve.

15 October 2021

Exposing the hidden costs of gambling

Our research is raising awareness of gambling-related harm — and improving support for the families most affected.

14 October 2021

How we’re using exercise to improve the lives of people with MS

Our researchers are rewriting the rulebook on how to treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis — and, in the process, improving the quality of life for thousands of people.

25 August 2021

How community support can help patients and save the NHS

Our researchers have shown how local voluntary groups improve the wellbeing of patients with long-term health conditions — and make us all happier and healthier.

04 August 2021

How to open up university to more people from disadvantaged backgrounds

How effective are widening participation schemes, designed to encourage students from under-represented groups to apply for university?

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