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Read about our submission for the Research Excellence Framework 2021 and the 14 strategic priority units of assessment chosen.

Research projects

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19 March 2024

How our new heart monitoring technology could help beat one of the UK’s biggest killers

Our researchers have developed a device that detects the early warning signs of stroke and could save thousands of lives every year.

19 March 2024

How we’re opening up conversations to build a more sustainable future

Our researchers are bringing more people into conversations about our shared spaces and helping build a better future for all.

03 January 2024

A social history of home heating: in conversation with Aimee Ambrose

Professor Aimee Ambrose introduces her new research into home heating habits, and shares how improved attitudes to energy consumption can benefit the planet and people.

03 January 2024 | 4 minutes

How a board game is helping sexual abuse victims find their voice

One in five children in Europe are victims of sexual abuse. Fear and a lack of legal knowledge can often prevent them from appearing in court. Our researchers are empowering children to complete this process through a board game.

08 July 2022

How a new fibre is making UK manufacturing safer — and helping meet net zero targets

Our researcher has worked with industry to develop a new material for insulating furnaces which is safer for workers, more efficient for industry, and better for the planet.

26 May 2022

Our research into antibiotics is helping surgeons carry out life-changing work

Our research has helped surgeons make informed decisions on how to treat and minimise joint replacement infections — transforming patient outcomes.

16 May 2022

How ecopoetry can help us tackle climate change

Professor Harriet Tarlo's project exploring the environment of a Lincolnshire plotland is giving a voice to the marginal — and helping to put climate change in a local context.

16 May 2022

How good design can change lives

Our innovative products are improving quality of life for people with long-term health conditions.

13 May 2022

How a film about a planned uranium mine helped empower a small community in Greenland

Professor Lise Autogena's film about uranium mining in Greenland exposed how cultural taboos in dealing with conflicts can prevent democratic participation.

12 April 2022

Building sustainability into infrastructure

We’re improving safety and sustainability in bridges in the UK and abroad, through our development of both new materials and new inspection software.

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Read about our submission for the Research Excellence Framework 2021 and the 14 strategic priority units of assessment chosen.