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26 October 2020 | 3 minutes

Dylan Thomas: ‘lost’ fifth notebook reveals how the great Welsh poet changed his style

A recently discovered Dylan Thomas notebook has shed new light on the poems, career and creativity of a literary master.

12 October 2020 | 15 minutes

Invisible Community: Black People in Germany (1884-1945)

From the start of German colonialism in the 1880s, to the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945, a significant Black community developed. Yet history tells us little about them. Aitken’s work shines a light on this invisible community and helps to answer deeply personal questions of identity for many Afro-German people.

09 October 2020

Black authors are still underrepresented in UK publishing

A third of English primary pupils are from a BAME background. But in 2017, 99% of children's book characters were white. Our research looks at how children's publishing has a diversity problem.

08 October 2020

Bridging the Age Gap in Breast Cancer

Mortality rates in breast cancer patients over 70 years old have reduced by less than half compared to those of younger women. By providing evidence-based information about the best treatment for older women with operable breast cancer, this research project has changed how clinicians and patients approach treatment decisions.

07 October 2020

English Popular Fiction and its Readers — 1900-1950

Chris Hopkins’ research explores the under-recognised role of British popular fiction in shaping public opinion and social attitudes between 1900 and 1950. These texts and their many thousands of readers have been largely neglected by critics and under-explored by cultural historians.

06 October 2020

John Ford’s Contemporary Audiences

Seventeenth-century playwright John Ford is important in the history of theatre, yet most of his plays are unknown to the wider public. Lisa Hopkins' research has increased awareness and understanding of Ford’s work among contemporary audiences.

21 August 2020

Why boxing is still a grassroots sport

In England, 1 in 4 boxing clubs are located in the most deprived 10% of neighbourhoods. Our research sheds new light on their important community role.

24 July 2020 | 2 minutes

Supporting farmers at the front line of climate change

Farming communities in West Bengal bear the brunt of the climate emergency. We worked with them on a scheme to better protect their livelihoods.

17 July 2020 | 2 minutes

Could buffalo milk lead to safer pregnancy in Indonesia?

In West Sumatra, pregnant women and their babies face huge health risks. We're finding a new way to help them stay safe.

27 May 2020

Uncovering the regional cost of welfare reform

Sheffield Hallam researchers have charted how a decade of sweeping welfare reforms hit the poorest areas hardest.

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