Research Degree - Saudi Women Online Practices

Research Degree - Saudi Women Online Practices

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Research Centre
Communication and Computing Research Centre

2014 - Current

Research Degree Project

The term 'Virtual' may no longer be an appropriate term in CMC studies. Since social media networks have enabled us to use our real names, revealing our daily activities and sharing our feelings, the borderline between online and offline has vanished. Early literature have focused on how Internet users could be different from what they really are offline. However, recent studies started to investigate the contrary; how online engagement can alter Internet users’ reality.

In this study, I am trying to explore how online practices; specifically in social networks could reshape offline communities. Saudi women who use social media platforms are the targeted sample. The study is still in its preliminary stage; a pilot study is in progress. Scholarly work tackling this subject in the Arab world in general, and in Saudi Arabia precisely is still limited. Therefore, the study aims to be a novel scientific addition to this interdisciplinary field.

Project Supervisors

Dr Luigina Ciolfi  (Director of Study)
Dr Geff Green (Second Supervisor)

Researchers involved

Ghayda Aljuwaiser - Research Degree Student

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