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This project addresses the self management and self-care of long term conditions through 3 themes

  1. Chronic conditions including diabetes, stroke and obesity
  2. Application of technologies including Tele-health and technology for health in old age
  3. Implementation user-centred healthcare design knowledge into action, intelligent commissioning and inequalities in health

The primary aim is to undertake high quality applied health related research focused on the needs of patients and to support the translation of research evidence into practice. The User-Centred Healthcare Design (UCHD) team brings patients, carers, healthcare staff and service designers together to understand the human interface between patients and NHS services delivery and to translate knowledge of experience into innovation in healthcare service delivery.

The overall aim of this theme is to develop and apply a best-practice methodology for the experience-based design of health care services to support the delivery of self-managed, personalised care. Our aim can be broken down into four objectives

  1. We gather data on users’ experiences of health care services over a range of health care domains linked to this proposal
  2. We undertake research to establish current best practice in experience-based service design and delivery within the commercial sector, the NHS, and the South Yorkshire Healthcare trusts
  3. Through an iterative series of CLAHRC-SY themed case studies, we are developing a methodological approach, toolkit and training materials for the experience-based design of health services appropriate for the self-management of chronic conditions. We work with CLAHRC healthcare staff; researchers and service users to co-design, deliver and evaluate services linked to one of the research themes of this CLAHRC_SY (eg diabetes & Tele-health)

Researchers involved

Karin Glöckle - Administrator

Professor Andy Dearden - Professor of Interactive Systems Design

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