The dancing diamonds illusion

The dancing diamonds illusion

dancing diamond

Dr Alessandro Soranzo  - Reader in Psychology

Do they have a life of their own?

The illusion of movement reported relies on luminance changes and phasing of fills to produce an array of diamonds so dazzling that, to the observer, they seem to have a life of their own! Furthermore, an interesting figure-ground reversal can be seen in the illusion when adjusting diamond size.

However, it is the complexity of movement seen that is of prime interest and which gives the illusion its name. There is an underlying rationale as to why the diamonds appear to dance (Shapiro, et al. 2005. JOV (5)764-82).

However, the interactions in the illusion are intriguing and the aim of this project is to analyse a variety of factors that contribute to this and which may be used to optimise the illusory sense of motion.

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