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Fine Art

Fine Art

  • Research Degree Project - Heritage as Process: Constructing the Historical Child’s Voice Through Art Practice

    This project analyses how biographical narratives are employed within the heritage discourse. I am interested in unravelling the dialogues in this representation, particularly in the presentation of a historical person in a museum context.

  • Chalk Trace

    Chalk Trace is an audio-visual work by Esther Johnson, made for the Channel Four strand Random Acts in association with Arts Council England and Film London.

  • The dancing diamonds illusion

    The illusion of movement reported relies on luminance changes and phasing of fills to produce an array of diamonds so dazzling that they seem to have a life of their own!

  • La Bella Principessa and the uncatchable smile

    In this project, Michael Pickard and Alessandro Soranzo, are investigating the uncatchable smile illusion that can be noticed in Leonardo Da Vinci's portrait of La Bella Principessa.

  • Foghorn Requiem

    Commissioned by The National Trust in 2011, Foghorn Requiem is a landscape-interactive musical composition for the Souter Lighthouse Foghorn, highlighting the passing of the foghorn from the British coastal landscape. Foghorn Requiem is performed by the ship horns of a flotilla of sixty vessels on the North Sea, three onshore brass bands and the Souter Foghorn itself.

  • Drawing out Language: Destabilisation of Narrative Sense through Conceptual Writing

    Research Degree Student Rachel Smith shares her practice which is founded on predetermined generative methodologies, embracing the freedom offered by constraint.

  • Research Degree - Working through Fragments: Fictionalising the Archive

    Archives have an index and usually collections have an inventory. These unambiguous taxonomical devices are grounded in the idea that what they present is fact. Just as the dictionary and encyclopedia are structures to which we refer in order to be informed, so are the index and the archive.

  • Time will darken

    Time will darken paper is a picture essay examining mimesis as a way to transform our understanding of key texts. The project applies the variorum scholarly technique of comparing variant versions of a text in a single collection to interrogate and reconstruct our view of historical narratives.

  • Nothing is Forever - Lullaby Constellation

    Research developed from Penny McCarthy’s residency at the new South London Gallery in June 2010 exploring images and texts in Walter Benjamin’s Archive, a dispersed collection of fragments, traces, and constructions, a collection of philosophical ideas written on found material.

  • Penelope/Odyssey

    Penelope/Odyssey is a new series of twenty-four drawings comprising a visual analysis of Homer’s Odyssey. McCarthy researched variant versions, textual, spoken and pictorial to challenge assumptions about how a text may be ‘known’ and presented. The research juxtaposes different versions of Homer’s work in a single collection that reanimates the narrative.

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