The Screasel

The Screasel

the screasel

Research Centre
Art and Design Research Centre

2005 - ongoing

A Pre-, During-, Post- Production Curatorial Object

The Screasel is a hybrid piece of equipment designed to support various stages of artistic production in the ‘reconfigured life class’, whether for the life model to undress behind, perform in front, or for artists – to aid production of the drawing or painting, and to display them during exhibition. The concept and design by Yuen Fong Ling brings together two tropes and symbols of the private life model experience, the folding domestic screen and H-frame easel. In preparation and presentation of the life model, the screen evokes the framing of fragmented glances of bodily encounters. In preparation and presentation of the artist, the easel evokes the framing of fragmented glances of bodily encounter. The observer and the observed are mediated and given license by the object, in which The Screasel examines the proximity of these states of seeing and being seen.

The Screasel has a variety of functions and applications, including: demarcating exhibition space (Transmission Gallery, Glasgow 2009); as a workshop proposition (Tithe Barne, Lincoln 2009); as a sculptural object (The Collection, Lincoln 2008); and as a curatorial framework (Greenstone Gallery, Lincoln 2007).


Preparatory Ways Tranmission Gallery, Glasgow 2009
Preparatory Way Essay by Bridget S Prince 2009

Researchers involved

Yuen Fong Ling

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