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Date: 2010

Strategic pan-European ballistics intelligence platform for combating organised crime and terrorism.

The threat from organised crime and terrorism can undermine the democratic and economic bases of societies through the diversion of investment into crime, money laundering and corruption by international cartels, organised gang culture and corruption.

The ODYSSEY project will undertake research to create and develop secure interoperable situation awareness platform for the EU to combat organised crime and terrorism.

Part funded by the Seventh European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the ODYSSEY project will use non-personal ballistics data and crime information and will also demonstrate how migration to other data source can take place.

The project will automatically combine data from disparate high volume data repositories with data from different cultural/domains with multiple reference models using real-time data feeds and historical databases.

Intelligence will be extracted using semantic knowledge extraction and data-mining to facilitate appropriate, fast and responsible decision making and alerts. The work will include the use of cutting-edge science and technological methods and develop new research agendas for future work.

Please visit the Odyssey website to learn more.

Odyssey forms part of CENTRIC, a centre of excellence in terrorism, resilience, intelligence and organised crime research.

Researchers involved

Dr Chris Bates - Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering

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