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Information Technology and Interactions

  • KITE - Raptor tool evaluation

    This project saw Sheffield Hallam University assess the RAPTOR tool for managing university online subscriptions. User comments and feedback were gathered and interpreted to identify how RAPTOR could be modified to best meet the needs of the university sector.


    early Pursuit against Organized crime using envirOnmental scanning, the Law and IntelligenCE systems

  • Research Degree - Managing online presence in the E-Learning environment

    With the advent of computer based learning in higher education academics are faced with new challenges. This study explores and answers if online learning applications are compelling academic staff to maintain a permanent online presence.

  • GMPR Man of Steel

    3D scanning of the Man of Steel sculpture, a metallic work of art created by local artist Steve Mehdi.


    CENTRIC is a multi disciplinary and end-user centric research body, located within Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute (C3RI) at Sheffield Hallam University

  • Meanwhile Use as Performance: Security social value from vacant space

    This project is a Connected Communities follow-on project which investigates factors in the creative use of temporarily vacant spaces.


    This project responded to an identified need for evidence based information and resources for front line workers in relation to sexual health, sexual awareness, media and technology.


    This project is designing and investigating hapticcommunicational interfaces (reins) between a human agent and a mobile robot guide. The focus is on haptic and tactile human robot cooperation as it has been found that a limited visual field and obscured cameras adds to the distress of humans working under pressure.

  • Built Environment in Acute Care for Older People

    This is a multi-method study which will synthesize best evidence from design and healthcare literature and combine this information with patient, family carer and professional views on facilities for acutely ill elderly patients admitted to an acute hospital inpatient environment.

  • Usability Evaluation of OpenWeb Transcoding

    Empirical research aiming at supporting the design and assessment of a transcoding service to enhance mobile phone internet browsing.

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