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  6. Development of Thermal Imaging to Monitor Wounds in Skeletal Surgeries

Development of Thermal Imaging to Monitor Wounds in Skeletal Surgeries

Director of Study: Prof. Reza Saatchi
Additional Information: Open to all students, self-funded/governments sponsored/industry funded. 
All studies are innovative, aiming to meet a real unmet need in medical engineering. Most are in collaboration with industry and hospitals

Following a skeletal surgery, the healing process needs to be carefully monitored to ensure appropriate treatments. The existing methods involving measuring temperature, blood tests, and scans are too generic, expensive, time consuming and often not accurate. For instance a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan will show fluid accumulation after an operation in the region of interest but will not be able to say if this is inflammatory or just reactive. The study will develop innovative thermal imaging solutions to assess and monitor inflammation and surgical tissues' reaction and the time taken for them to settle down after skeletal surgeries. Our work in thermal imaging to date has resulted in a number of journal papers, completed PhDs and research grants.

The work is primarily suited for graduates with a degree or MSc in electronics, physics, mathematics, computing, mechanics or related subjects.

For further information, please contact Prof. Reza Saatchi

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