KTPs enable specialist manufacturer to design for growth

KTPs enable specialist manufacturer to design for growth

Evenort has been an established name in the processing of stainless steel since 1982, creating products for the oil, gas, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. They are the premier manufacturers in the UK of specialist stainless steel flanges, which are used in pressure vessels and pipelines.


Transferring knowledge since 2010

Evenort engaged in their first Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with engineering experts from Sheffield Hallam University and KTP associate Chunjun Li in 2010. The resulting product development, and improvements to their manufacturing performance, led to a 50% growth for the company.

They approached Sheffield Hallam University again with the goal of introducing modern and innovative engineering design methods into their company. They wanted to develop the use of Advanced Computer Aided Engineering methods, product testing, and embed the development of new pipeline connectors. Graduate design engineer Mat Smith became their second KTP project associate. 

‘If you have an idea, it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to turn that idea into a working model or finally produce something you can actually sell. To have programmes like the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, where you can spec out your ideas and have qualified engineers research the integrity and feasibility, is definitely helpful.’
Craig McKay, Joint Managing Director


Adapting the business model

Introducing Mat into the business, along with expertise from Sheffield Hallam, has enabled the company to develop a product design capability which moves them away from a manufacture-only business model. With a new understanding of design procedures and advanced Computer Aided Engineering techniques the KTP has helped the company with their emerging product development culture which is anticipated to create further innovations in the future.

Mat’s work also included consultancy on three high-value products relating to oil and gas. Sheffield Hallam’s innovative approach to design has helped to establish a designing infrastructure within the company – a significant change for the business – thanks to the KTP scheme.

Evenort identified their need to grow and wanted an innovative engineer to work out how to achieve it. The KTP provided a way to fill the gap in their knowledge without buying in preconceived and expensive ideas, allowing the business to develop organically.

’The company now has an emerging product development culture which, it is anticipated, will lead to further innovations.’
Chunjun Li, Lean Manager

Bringing fresh knowledge to the permanent team

The first KTP associate, Chunjun Li, produced results that had such significant benefits for the company that he now has a permanent position with Evenort. He’s part of the senior management team, and supervised Mat Smith on his recent KTP project.

Mat Smith now works for Evenort as a design engineer. He’s a valuable member of the team who’s taken the company to new, innovative heights with design.

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