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Making super tough stainless steel even tougher - AI Materials

AI Materials

Steel company AI Materials needed to meet a new requirement to improve the mechanical strength and toughness properties of the super duplex stainless steel used in industrial fasteners at low temperatures.

The company wanted to do this using an optimised cold-drawing process, and chose the University’s Materials and Engineering Research Institute to access the materials knowledge and experimental capabilities they required.

We made a comprehensive literature review on the relationship between the microstructure and the mechanical properties of duplex stainless steels. We also carried out initial materials analysis on samples provided by the company, looking at the microstructure, micro-hardness, and fracture mechanisms.

The results of our experiments and literature review have improved AI Materials’ R&D capability and knowledge of advanced stainless steel materials. The company has asked us to conduct further in-lab and on-site experimental trials to improve the combined mechanical properties of the steel.

MERI’s Quanshun Luo says, ‘The collaboration is a typical project between the locally core industry and MERI. The experience of the collaboration, along with the techniques developed in the project, will improve our capability in serving the whole region by providing better scientific and technological services.’

Mike Andrews of AI Materials Ltd said, ‘The Innovation Futures project provides important opportunities for industrial clients to cooperate with academic expertise. It means we can access the advanced material analytical facilities to develop the techniques which we are looking for.

‘The industry-academic collaboration achieves not only the successful progress in the technical targets, but also the innovation capability in the R&D of metal processing technology. These experiences are valuable to strengthen our market compatibility.’

Project supported by Innovation Futures.

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