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Bridge Inspection Training Course Delivery Team

Bridge Inspection Training Course Delivery Team

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The core delivery staff consists of a blend of academia and industry who between them have extensive knowledge in the field of maintenance and repair of bridges, are as follows:

Professor Pal Mangat, BSc, PhD, CEng, MICE, MIStructE

Pal Mangat

Pal is the Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Management (CIM). He is a chartered Civil and Structural Engineer. Pal has carried out many research projects on the repair, maintenance and management of bridges with funding received from the EC (Brite-Euram Programme), Department of Transport, the Highways Agency, DTI and industry. The "BMX" Bridge Management System is one of the research outputs which has been commercialised. This expertise together with highly qualified/experienced colleagues has been used to develop and deliver the Bridge Inspection Training Programme. He also has extensive experience and a strong track record of R&D in Concrete Technology with over a hundred peer reviewed publications. The research has been funded by prestigious bodies, government and industry such as EPSRC, EC, Royal Society, DOE and DTI. His research has led to some innovative technologies which include the development of a low environmental impact alkali activated cementitious material (AACM) which is marketed under licence.

Professor Paul Lambert, BSc(Hons), PhD, CEng, CSci, FIMMM, FICorr

Paul Lambert

Paul is Head of Materials and Corrosion Technology for Mott MacDonald. He has over 30 years’ experience in the investigation of structural durability and degradation and in the development of novel remedial techniques for civil and building structures. Paul is Visiting Professor at the Centre for Infrastructure Management where he carries out research into novel material and repair technologies.

His involvement with bridge inspection procedures dates back to inspections of the elevated sections of the M6 in the Midlands in the 1980s and has continued to date with involvement in structures ranging from simple masonry arches to large span suspension bridges.

Professor Fin O'Flaherty, BEng (Hons), PhD, CEng, MIEI

Fin O'Flaherty

Fin is a Chartered Engineer and Principal Consultant within CIM and has over 24 years of experience in consultancy, research and development associated with bridge maintenance and repair.
He has published many papers on the interaction between repair materials and existing concrete substrates as well as papers relating to corrosion of steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete. He also has expertise in repair and maintenance of transport infrastructure, development of expert systems for infrastructure management and evaluation of construction materials.
Fin has planned and delivered many CPD courses in bridge management for local authority and industry personnel over the years and has also delivered numerous materials and structures consultancy projects through the years.

Dr Vincenzo Starinieri, MSc, PhD

Vincenzo Starinieri

Vincenzo is a consultant and researcher at the Centre for Infrastructure Management at Sheffield Hallam University. He has over 13 years' experience in the characterisation of masonry materials, the investigation of their degradation phenomena and the development of materials and technologies for their conservation and repair. His expertise includes physical properties of pastes and mortars made from hydrated limes, hydraulic limes, and natural and Portland cements; and the interaction between mortars and porous substrates within masonry structures. He has published many papers on the development of repair mortars and delivered specialised consultancy within some 30 physical conservation projects of buildings, bridges, city gates, fountains and statues.

Centre for Infrastructure Management

The Centre for Infrastructure Management (CIM), part of the Materials and Engineering Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University, has the resource and experience of a first class teaching and training provider behind them to ensure that all training is administered, delivered and assessed to the standard expected of a University.

The CIM has developed a network of professional contacts in the field of bridge maintenance and repair over the years who have successfully collaborated with them on delivering CPD courses. These contacts will again lend their expertise as and when required to ensure the courses are delivered to the highest standard leading to a positive learning experience for the candidate.

For more information on the Bridge Inspection Training Course, please contact us at or call the MERI Reception on 0114 225 3500

For specific information on the Centre for Infrastructure Management, please see the contacts below.
- Professor Pal Mangat, 0114 225 3339,
- Professor Fin O'Flaherty, 0114 225 3178,

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