Value stream mapping

Value stream mapping

Value Stream Mapping provides a diagrammatic depiction of the entire supply chain to ensure a complete and shared understanding of what is happening at the different stages within it.

Value stream mapping should be the first step in the process of lean manufacturing implementation through the development of a Current State Map.

A Future State Map should then be developed which depicts the supply chain as you envisage it after you have implemented lean principles. Your future state value stream map becomes your lean implementation blueprint.

The main reasons for conducting a Value Stream Mapping exercise is an attempt to

  • reduce the current lead time
  • reduce work in progress and inventory
  • increase profitability and costs
  • to bring an awareness as to the benefits of aligning the plant to a lean manufacturing environment
  • improve equipment reliability

Other compelling Reasons for a VSM project

  • Competitive pressures: The threat on UK manufacturing industry posed by the attractive business
  • Cost pressures: with the introduction of new player in the business environment, customers tend to demand lower pricing policy.
  • Higher customer demand: to respond quicker to higher demands.
  • The modern trend: It is generally the right thing to do to close the gap between the Japanese and UK industry.
  • Survival: to route out all inefficiencies
  • Leadership: to maintain a leadership position
  • Quality Improvements: the leaner the enterprise, the easier it is to expose and deal with quality problems.

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