Construction Materials

Construction Materials

Our research in this area includes

  • research, development and testing of novel and standard materials and life cycle analysis eg concrete, fibre reinforced composites, new non-cement binders, high performance materials
  • condition monitoring
  • inspection and surveys of infrastructure eg buildings, bridges, heritage structures, underground systems, water retaining structures
  • corrosion of reinforced concrete and steel framed infrastructure including remediation techniques such as cathodic protection, realkalisation, corrosion inhibitors
  • developments in novel monitoring systems eg optical fibre sensors
  • design and analysis of new build, repaired and renovated structures
  • reliability analysis of bridges
  • design and advanced stress analysis of novel pipe coupling systems
  • numerical and finite element analysis of structural and thermal systems
  • product development
  • modelling of long term deterioration processes in reinforced concrete eg predictions of chloride diffusion, corrosion initiation, corrosion propagation rate
  • independent investigations of PFI assets
  • development of expert systems for bridge management and for building maintenance leading to cost effective, low risk solutions
  • expert advice on repair and maintenance of infrastructure
  • professional development courses (CPD) eg bridge inspector training courses, repair technologies and methods, structural integrity of heritage buildings
  • materials and recycling solutions

For more information on construction materials and consultancy, please contact Fin O'Flaherty

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