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Other testing services within CIM

The Centre for Infrastructure Management can test a wide range of materials and products. A brief of each test we perform is given below.

- testing of thermal conductivity of insulating materials
- quantitative pore structure characterisation of solid materials by means of mercury intrusion porosimetry
- accelerated weathering testing for the determination of the effect of prolonged outdoor exposure on a wide range of materials;
- particle size analysis of powder materials;
- mortar analysis for the determination of the cause of deterioration or failure of a mortar and the specification of new mortar for repair;
- building stone analysis for the identification of the type and source of stone and the sourcing of an acceptable replacement;
- testing of mortar consistence, air content, water retention, workable life, water absorption by capillarity, water vapour permeability, porosity, shrinkage, adhesive strength and mechanical strength;
- Drilling Resistance Measuring System (DRMS) for evaluating the state of conservation of masonry materials, the effectiveness of consolidation treatments, and the quality of quarry materials and cast stone products;
- pull-off testing for the evaluation of bond strength of coatings and cementitious materials;
- freeze-thaw testing in a climatic chamber for evaluating the durability of cementitious materials. 

Who to Contact
For more information about materials testing, please contact Dr Vincenzo Starinieri.

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