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Structural testing

XFEM for computational investigation of dynamic fracture on advanced composite aerospace structures

Research Opportunities Intro

This PhD aims to develop work by means of the relatively new Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM) that permits a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of fracture and crack propagation in advanced composite structures.

Testing Services

Hardness Testing

Hardness of materials has probably long been assessed by resistance to scratching or cutting. An example would be material B scratches material C but not material A. Alternatively material A scratches material B slightly and scratches material C heavily.

Structural testing

We have comprehensive testing facilities available for structural assessment of all types of construction materials and elements. We help clients to plan suitable test methods, carry out testing in accordance with standards and provide independent assessment as formal reports.


Professor Paul Lambert
Visiting Professor
PhD, BSc (Hons), CEng, FIMMM, FICorr
NACE Certificated Corrosion Specialist
Immediate Past President - Institute of Corrosion

Dr Fin O'Flaherty
Principal Consultant
Phone: 0114 225 3178

An expert system for optimal repair and management of reinforced concrete highway bridges

Aims and Objectives

To develop an expert system to enable the optimisation of repairs and maintenance solutions for reinforced concrete highway bridges. This has, required the development of a comprehensive database containing the following information and the statistical analysis of the collected data

  • typical bridge types
  • test methods
  • repair specifications
  • repair material characteristics
  • methods of application
  • modelling of deterioration processes
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