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Sharon Kivland's The Editions III is part of PAGES, the Leeds International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair

The Editions III, a publishing project conceived by Sharon Kivland and an exhibition curated by Emma Bolland and Sharon Kivland, will be part of PAGES, the Leeds International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair, at the Tetley in Leeds this weekend


Gravity lecture

Ravenscroft’s paintings may not be figurative, but neither do they align with traditional notions of abstraction. Instead they provide surfaces for unpicking the actions of being a painter, examining how process and technique constrains or enables the possibility for spontaneity and originality in a painting


2nd European Design4Health conference

Booking is now open for the 2nd European Conference on Design4Health


C3RI Research Seminar - 'Latent and Manifest Anti-Fascism in Italian Cinema' with Rinella Cere

This talk will take a comparative look at early neorealist films and more recent films where anti-fascism is latent rather than manifest but which suggests that anti-fascism is still a strong political theme in Italian cinema


C3RI Research Seminar - Supporting material encounters at cultural heritage sites: the meSch Project with Luigina Ciolfi

This talk will discuss current work on the EU project "meSch" (Material EncounterS with digital Cultural Heritage) aimed at creating a do-it-yourself platform for cultural heritage professionals to design interactive tangible computing installations


Joanne Lee is speaking at 'Reflections on the Work of Albert Hunt/Within the Art School and Without' at Bradford School of Art

Following the death of Albert Hunt last year, we are reflecting on his contribution to the Art School here in Bradford during the decades of the sixties, seventies and early eighties


C3RI Research Seminar with Simon Andews

Event listing for C3RI Research Seminar - Simon Andews, Sheffield Hallam University.


C3RI Research Seminar - Advanced Techniques for Automatic Gender Classification with Marcos Rodrigues and Mariza Kormann

ADMOS is an FP7-funded project on real time analytics whose aims are to determine the effectiveness of an advert (e.g. words and images on a poster) placed in public spaces


Walking Cities: London book launches Wednesday 15 March 2017

Walking Cities: London launches at the Showroom Gallery on Wednesday 15 March, and features a chapter titled Freud in London by Sheffield Hallam Reader of Fine Art Dr Sharon Kivland


Art, Simulation and Surgical Humanities

This network project is to support interdisciplinary exploration of the potential for identification of shared research agendas within the contexts of visual art, music and medicine.


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