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Collegiate laboratories

Physiology lab

Biomechanics Lab

SPARC has access to one of the UK’s largest and best-equipped biomechanics laboratories, featuring:

  • a Motion Analysis Corporation 12 camera Eagle motion capture system, with Visual 3D software for post-processing analysis
  • a range of solutions for 2D and 3D kinematic analysis using DV cameras
  • four Kistler floor-mounted force platforms, a portable Kistler force platform, a Kistler Quattro Jump platform, and an H-P-Cosmos/Kistler Gaitway II force measuring treadmill
  • a RSScan 0.5 m pressure plate with gait and balance analysis software
  • a Delsys 8 channel EMG system with 2 axis electrogoniometer attachment, and MIE 8 channel wireless EMG system
  • a Lake Imaging Motion Scope M1 high speed video camera capable of filming at up to 1000 fps
  • 1,500 Lux lighting and complete black-out facilities
Runner in biometrics lab
Golfer in biometrics lab
Close up of golfer in biometrics lab

Environmental Chamber

The environmental chamber can simulate the climate of almost any country in the world. Temperatures can reach +40 degrees Celsius and -20 degrees Celsius, with humidity between one and 99%. The chamber can be used to:

  • test clothing tolerance under different climatic conditions
  • test the influence of climatic conditions on the performance of sports equipment
  • study the effects of enduring extreme environments on sports people
  • look at the effects of temperature on work-related tasks in the experimental occupational setting
Runner on treadmill in environmental chamber
Runner on treadmill in environmental chamber
Feet on treadmill
Runner on treadmill in environmental chamber

Physiology Lab

Our three physiology laboratories are designed to assess how the human body responds and adapts to sport and exercise. They are fully equipped with a wide range of facilities to allow individuals to be assessed using the most appropriate sport-specific methods. The equipment available for testing includes:

  • Medgraphics CPX/D and Cosmed K4b2 - on-line gas analysis systems enabling data to be collected both in the laboratory and out in the field
  • YSI 1500 Sport for blood lactate analysis both in the laboratory and out in the field 
  • HP Cosmos Saturn - oversized treadmill capable of reaching a speed of 40km per hour and a gradient of 25 per cent, designed to be used by wheelchair athletes or cyclists
  • Additionally, a smaller 'HP Cosmos Pulsar' is also available for running
  • SRM power cranks and an electronically braked cycle ergometer for the testing of cyclists
  • Concept 2b rowing ergometer and DYNO are also available for sport specific testing
Athlete on bike machine
Athlete in physiology lab
Physiology lab at Collegiate

Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning laboratory offer a world class learning environment.  The space enables staff and students to become active in applied, high quality research outputs.  An effective consultancy programme runs out of the lab which engages and benefits the local community.

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