Become a placement rep

Become a placement rep

For students returning from a sandwich placement, you can join the Placement Rep Scheme. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to become a Placement Representative and be part of an influential group of students who are responsible for the promotion of placements to both placement seekers and employers through a variety of front-facing, student-led activities throughout the academic year.  

Placement reps

Who are we looking for?

Anyone who has been on a placement, has a story to tell, and above all genuinely wants to help others. You don’t have to have done a placement with a big name company, or in an exotic location! We're looking for genuine representatives from across our placement students with varied and valuable stories to tell.

What's in it for me?

Apart from a massive sense of well-being from helping others? Well, there’s the opportunity to develop specific skills– like public speaking in big lectures (even virtual ones) and developing mentoring relationships with fellow students. One of our previous reps said: "The experience of working with new, diverse and engaged people was amazing. I felt empowered to make a difference and share my experience".

Your role as a Placement Representative 

You choose your level of participation. Students in this role typically: 

  • Provide one to one and group support to first and second year students; developing your own mentoring skills 
  • Take part in the promotion of placement fairs, guest lectures, employer presentations, and be proactive in the facilitation of other placement related events; improve your network and contacts
  • To provide advice and insightful tips to placement seekers across the University on how to succeed during the placement application process
  • To plan, organise and conduct a variety of student led placement activities and events, improving your leadership and creating a community amongst placement seekers

See below what our placement rep of the year said about what they achieved during the year:

  • Skills development (public speaking, leadership, presentation, listening and confidence)
  • Self-fulfilment of level 5 students getting placement
  • Excellent networking opportunities, with students, university staff and employers alike
  • Productive and beneficial reward events
  • A stronger CV- being able to add 8 months of volunteer work demonstrating the above attributes, putting them ahead in the graduate job hunt 

So if you want to share your insights with other students and develop your mentoring skills then we want to hear from you! You'll lead on and influence the development of strategies and initiatives that support placement seekers. As part of a friendly and really proactive university-wide team, you'll engage with employers, academics and students to offer genuine support.

For more information and how to sign up to be a rep, contact the Work Experience Team.

Hallam Award

The Hallam Award is a personal development programme that helps you make the most of your time here at Hallam. The Award gives you recognition for the extra things you do outside of your course e.g. work, volunteering, student societies, course/department/placement rep, sports, caring responsibilities, other interests. The Award is much more than the certificates you’ll receive – the most important part is that it will support you to articulate your experiences in such a way that will make you stand out to future employers. Visit our website to find out more.

Develop even further by using Placement Rep activity to complete the Hallam Award

If you are a student currently looking for a placement and want to know how a Placement Rep can support, please visit the Get help from our Placement Reps page.