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Venture Matrix

Venture Matrix (VM) are a team within Sheffield Hallam University. They work alongside private, public and third sector organisations from the local, national and international community, providing students with the opportunity to work on real life activities. All the activities are integrated in the student’s course and as such are an essential part of their learning experience.

Students work on specific activities to gain valuable work-related experience in support of their career aspirations. They

  • undertake activities as a learning opportunity
  • take on activities relevant to their studies
  • complete them as part of an assessed module

Students work on activities within term time, as the work that they produce is assessed within one of the modules on their degree course. Depending on the student’s module, activities can run within one semester (October to December or January to April/May) or throughout the whole academic year (October to April/May)

Benefits to your organisation

Whether you’re a small or large business, charity, school or college, working with students through the University’s Venture Matrix scheme can help you add value to the work you do.

For organisations, working with students can

  • help you with projects you’ve struggled to resource
  • offer key skills, specialist knowledge and fresh insight to your team
  • provide you with students who are keen to enhance their employability portfolio

For schools and colleges, working with students can

  • bring specialist subject knowledge and fresh insight into your classroom
  • support your pupils learning and academic development
  • help to raise the aspirations of your pupils through a direct connection to the University

There is no fee for working with the University through the Venture Matrix scheme. The key purpose of the Matrix is to help students develop skills for their future careers and grow their professional networks, giving them an edge when they enter the graduate market. For some of our students, undertaking projects may be a key route to getting work-related experience. Your projects can make an enormous difference to our students’ future.

Benefits to students

The Venture Matrix scheme aims to support students in developing their employability skills, which will not only enhance their learning, but also help them to graduate with more experience and stand out when applying for graduate-level jobs.

Students are able to apply what they have learnt on their course, tackling real-life challenges to support the local community. As the activities are specifically related to their particular field of study, and are accredited as part of their degree, they’re not only working towards completing their degree but also gaining practical experience, all in a safe and secure environment.

Getting involved as an academic

Venture Matrix are currently working with 80 modules across various subject areas at Sheffield Hallam University. From experience, the scheme generally fits with existing module learning outcomes and assessment tasks. Occasionally there is a requirement for a minor modification.

The work, which students undertake as part of their Venture Matrix project, is timetabled within their course and usually occurs as part of their seminar activities. There are several different proven models of engagement that modules/courses can get involved in.

If you are an academic who would like to find out more about Venture Matrix and how it might support your curriculum delivery please contact Charmaine Myers, Senior Lecturer Academic Development (Employability), at c.e.myers@shu.ac.uk

How to get involved

For more information about Venture Matrix and how to get involved

Phone 0114 225 4468
E-mail venturematrix@shu.ac.uk
Tweet @venturematrix
Blog blogs.shu.ac.uk/venturematrix/

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