Dr. Nick Farmilo

Dr Nick Farmilo

Business Development Manager


Nick brings experience in research, sales and technology transfer, which allows him to identify how MERI's expertise can be used to provide solutions to commercial problems.

Nick supports Hallam Energy with his wide range of engineering knowledge. He and Dr. Abhishek Asthana work together to support industry through schemes such as the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme and the Industrial Heat Recovery Scheme.


During his time at MERI, Nick has played a key role in developing the Institute's research portfolio, and in promoting consultancy and knowledge transfer programmes, including the ERDF-funded Sheffield Innovation Programme

Nick leads the Corrosion team within MERI and is currently supporting the work of 5 PhD students.

His involvement in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships has previously led to the development of a new jacketing and insulation material for oil and gas pipelines with BS Stainless.


Nick has interests in electrochemistry and corrosion, in which he works closely with Matt Kitchen and Dr Oliver Lewis.  Within the field of corrosion Nick is most interested in coatings and galvanic corrosion. He has also worked on the crevice corrosion, carbon dioxide accelerated corrosion (or sweet corrosion) , the corrosion of copper, corrosion in nuclear waste containment and corrosion of steel in concrete.

Nick has contributed to many Knowledge Transfer Projects, most of which have been part funded by regional funds. The most recent one of these is the Sheffield Innovation Programme, SIP.

Nick has a very strong interest in coatings as he has previously been a Manger of the UK National Surface Engineering Centre, NASURF. 


Key Publications

Janani, R., Mader, K., Roberts, A.J., Farmilo, N., & Sammon, C. (2018). Fast-cure ionogel electrolytes with improved ion transport kinetics at room temperature. Journal of Power Sources, 406, 141-150. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.jpowsour.2018.10.049

Al-Sagur, H., Komathi, S., Karakaş, H., Atilla, D., Gürek, A.G., Basova, T., ... Hassan, A. (2018). A glucose biosensor based on novel Lutetium bis-phthalocyanine incorporated silica-polyaniline conducting nanobeads. Biosensors & bioelectronics, 102, 637-645. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.bios.2017.12.004

Journal articles

Luo, Q., Shen, J., Wang, X., Farmilo, N., & Guo, X. (2024). Microstructure evolution and tribo-oxidation induced by friction and wear of cast iron brake discs. Surface Science and Technology, 2. http://doi.org/10.1007/s44251-023-00031-4

Mussa, M., Takita, S., Zahoor, F.D., Lewis, O., & Farmilo, N. (2021). Study on the Effect of Applying Benzimidazole–Ethanol Solution as a Film–Forming Corrosion Inhibitor on the Surface of Aluminium Alloy 2024-T3. Chemistry Proceedings, 8 (1). http://doi.org/10.3390/ecsoc-25-11635

Mussa, M., Rahaq, Y., Takita, S., Zahoor, F.D., Farmilo, N., & Lewis, O. (2021). The Influence of Adding a Functionalized Fluoroalkyl Silanes (PFDTES) into a Novel Silica-Based Hybrid Coating on Corrosion Protection Performance on an Aluminium 2024-t3 Alloy. Materials Proceedings, 7 (1). http://doi.org/10.3390/IOCPS2021-11240

Mussa, M., Farmilo, N., & Lewis, O. (2021). The Influence of Sample Preparation Techniques on Aluminium Alloy AA2024-T3 Substrates for Sol-Gel Coating. Engineering Proceedings, 11 (5). http://doi.org/10.3390/asec2021-11121

Janani, R., Farmilo, N., Roberts, A., & Sammon, C. (2021). Sol-gel synthesis pathway and electrochemical performance of ionogels: A deeper look into the importance of alkoxysilane precursor. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 569, 120971. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2021.120971

Luo, Q., Li, J., Yan, Q., Li, W., Gao, Y., Kitchen, M., ... Ding, Y. (2021). Sliding wear of medium-carbon bainitic/martensitic/austenitic steel treated by short-termlow-temperature austempering. Wear. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.wear.2021.203732

Mussa, M., Rahaq, Y., Takita, S., & Farmilo, N. (2021). Study the Enhancement on Corrosion Protection by Adding PFDTES to Hybrid Sol-Gel on AA2024-T3 Alloy in 3.5% NaCl Solutions. Albahit journal of applied sciences, 2 (1), 61-68. http://www.albahitjas.com/?mno=50689

Mussa, M.H., Zahoor, F.D., Lewis, O., & Farmilo, N. (n.d.). Developing a Benzimidazole-Silica-Based Hybrid Sol–Gel Coating with Significant Corrosion Protection on Aluminum Alloys 2024-T3. The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Applied Sciences. http://doi.org/10.3390/asec2021-11124

Conference papers

Mussa, M., Takita, S., Farmilo, N., & Lewis, O. (2022). Development of a Corrosion Protection Silica-based hybrid Sol-gel Coatings on Aluminum Alloys 2024-t3 by Encapsulating Benzimidazole and Octadec-9-enoic acid. In Seijas, J.A. (Ed.) The 26th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Basel, Switzerland, 15 November 2022 - 30 November 2022. MDPI: Basel, Switzerland: http://doi.org/10.3390/ecsoc-26-13586

Mussa, M., Lewis, O., Zahoor, D., Takita, S., & Farmilo, N. (2021). Study the effect of applying benzimidazole-ethanol solution as a film-forming corrosion inhibitor on the surface of aluminium alloy 2024-t3. In Seijas, J.A. (Ed.) The 25th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Basel, Switzerland, 15 November 2021 - 30 November 2021. sciforum-MDPI: http://doi.org/10.3390/ecsoc-25-11635

Mussa, M., Takita, S., Zahoor, D., Lewis, O., & Farmilo, N. (2021). Study the effect of adding Oleic acid to reduce the medium diffusion in pores of hybrid silica-based sol-gel coatings. In Shin-ichi, Y. (Ed.) The 2nd International Online Conference on Polymer Science - Polymers and Nanotechnology for Industry 4.0, Basel, Switzerland, 1 November 2021 - 15 November 2021. sciforum-MDPI: http://doi.org/10.3390/IOCPS2021-11223

Lewis, O., Seth, S., Jones, A.H., Farmilo, N., Stephenson, D., Boden, M., & Thistlethwaite, S. (2011). The development and optimization of aluminium alloys for thermal spray coating application to steel substrates. In 5th RIPT (Les Recontres Internationales sur la Projection Themique), Limoges, France, 2011 - 2011. http://www.unilim.fr/spcts/5RIPT

Theses / Dissertations

Mussa, M. (2020). Development of Hybrid Sol-Gel Coatings on AA2024-T3with Environmentally Benign Corrosion Inhibitors. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Lewis, O., & Farmilo, N. http://doi.org/10.7190/shu-thesis-00314

Janani, R. (2019). Synthesis and characterisation of sol-gel based ionogels as electrolyte forsupercapacitors. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Farmilo, N. http://doi.org/10.7190/shu-thesis-00192

Abdurrahim, A.A. (2004). Corrosion behaviour of welded joints within chloride and chloride/CO[2] environments. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Akid, R., & Farmilo, N.

Other activities

In his day to day activities Nick supports the delivery of materials consultancy by advising customers of the most appropriate analysis techniques to address their problems and linking enquiries to MERI staff.

Nick has worked as an expert witness and works closely with Dr Iain Fielden on Forensic consultancy activities.

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