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Hallam Award

Hallam Award

The Hallam Award gives you recognition for the extra things you do outside of your course and helps you make the most of your time here at Hallam by giving you the chance to reflect on your activities and develop yourself. Regardless of the direction you plan to take, key skills such as communication, confidence and leadership will help you to get the job role or opportunities you want.

There are three levels to the Hallam Award, and it is entirely up to you how much you do! The Award is for all students, no matter what year you are in. You gain a certificate for every level you achieve. Though it’s not the certificate that’s important - it’s your ability to capture experiences and articulate them in a way that will make you stand out to employers in the future.

You can use extracurricular activities such as work (including campus jobs), volunteering, student societies, student/course rep, sports, caring responsibilities, and any other interests you may have. These activities can help you to develop new skills (we call them Graduate Attributes), build your experience, and feel connected to a wider community. By completing the Hallam Award, you will be able to articulate your skills to employers and improve your LinkedIn or Handshake profile to support in your job applications.

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