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Global Citizenship Portfolio

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Global Citizenship Portfolio

The Global Citizenship Portfolio recognises your hard work in developing your intercultural competencies and global outlook while studying at Sheffield Hallam University.

Completing the Global Citizenship Portfolio will help you develop skills and evidence that

  • you are able to engage with different values systems wherever you encounter them
  • you can communicate effectively across cultures, and in different cultural contexts
  • you have understanding of how your actions and those of others can have global implications

This year, all sessions and activities will be hosted online. See diagram below for the full list of steps you will need to complete. 

Global topics

You will attend online interactive sessions on 2 of the following topics:

Global Warming

How do we respond to the climate emergency? Is it too late to take effective action? You will discuss the key issues amongst your peers and decide if it really is too late, or if this is a wake-up call to humanity. 


In first three months of 2015, at height of the refugee crisis in Europe, nearly half a million people arrived at Europe’s Mediterranean shores and made their journey across Europe seeking asylum. You will look at the challenges that refugees face on their journey to Europe and the difficulties they experience when they arrive.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence, or CQ, measures your capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. Your CQ predicts your readiness for working and relating effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. You will investigate how you acquire cultural intelligence and what happens if you don’t bother!

Sport, Diversity and the Media

Equality and diversity issues are seemingly at the top of the agenda in sport. Is this really the case or are these fanciful liberal notions in a world governed by global market forces and audience demand?

How do we develop awareness of these issues in society and in their portrayal and function in the media? How do we contextualise our own practice and help train the next generation of sports journalists?

Please note, topics are subject to change. 

Intercultural project

For your practical intercultural project, you can choose to take part in any of the projects listed below:

On completion

  • If you are an undergraduate student, the module will be recorded on your exit transcript as ‘Global Citizenship Portfolio’
  • If you are a postgraduate student, you will receive the Global Citizenship Portfolio Completion Certificate

Registration for the Global Citizenship Portfolio 2021/22 is now open. Once you have registered, we will send you further information about the steps you will need to complete.

Completing the project can also count as an activity towards achieving The Hallam Award

Steps of the Global Citizenship Portfolio

6 Steps of the Global Citizenship Portfolio 2021

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