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Fitness classes

Fitness classes

Fitness Classes

Sport and fitness timetable (PDF, 50.4KB)

Sport and fitness sessions which includes indoor fitness class sessions. All sessions need to be pre-booked.

A member of the gym taking part in a fitness class session

Book online to sign up to a class, or download our class schedule (PDF, 50.4KB) for more information about the fitness classes at our gyms. 

We currently have extra precautions in place to ensure your safety, Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Classes are free for Hallam Unlimited and All Inclusive members, visit our memberships page for more details. 

Our classes


High intensity fat burning interval session working around different stations designed to push the whole body.

Boxing Fit 

A boxing workout from beginners to intermediate but applicable to all levels. Working through combinations, offence and defensive techniques, pad-work and footwork in a interval style workout to work the upper and lower body.


Circuits is a high intensity and highly varied class; you'll be moving your way through different exercise stations and performing each exercise for as many reps as possible, in a set amount of time.


Using Swiss balls, medicine balls and dumbbells to get the very best core workout.

Fighting Fit

These classes fuse high-energy circuit routines with a mixture of upper and lower body strikes.

HiiT Squad 

Randomised and fun high interval training lead by the instructor. Designed to challenge quick response and change of movements.


This high-intensity class uses stationary bikes to simulate a bicycle ride. Together, you travel on flat roads, climb hills, sprint and race.


Zumba® is a revolutionary, high-intensity workout led by music. It motivates you to crush your ultimate fitness goals. Online sessions that you can book through the Students Union website each week


Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga for Wellbeing

A gentle Hatha style yoga class, suitable for all levels including beginners. Each shape or move will be an invitation rather than an instruction; no adjustments offered. Do what feels right for your own body at that given time. You will be encouraged to notice sensations in the body and arising thoughts and feelings. We will focus on the breath throughout the practice to help us focus and also calm the nervous system. And we end with a relaxation/ mindful meditation.

Mindful Yoga

This encourages students to engage, enjoy and experiment with breath and posture. There is an amazing propensity to develop concentration and clarity when mind, breath and body work in synchronicity. By using the breath to help us pay attention we heighten our experience of how the postures feel, focusing less on how it looks and more on what it feels like; all the benefits without the need to achieve. Mindful Yoga is enjoyable, accessible and calming style of yoga that will bring strength, flexibility and clarity and help to develop an accepting ease in body and mind.
The session is suitable for beginners and those with some knowledge and will be enjoyable for more experienced yogis. Come with an open mind, a playful attitude, a mat, cushion or block and probably a blanket if we are outside. Expect an enjoyable session that will include, grounding, breathing, flow, balancing and relaxation.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga focuses on detail of alignment, body awareness and sequencing bringing the body and mind to optimum balance improving strength, flexibility, concentration and relaxation. Iyengar yoga is a style of yoga that uses equipment like straps and blocks to make yoga accessible to all.

Vinyasa Yoga

Each class we will flow through a varied and dynamic sequence focusing on finding alignment in movement as we transition with intention from one asana to the next. Moving in synchrony with the breath to build heat and develop awareness of the body’s internal sensations and messages.

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