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Play for fun – whatever your experience

Due to current restrictions we are unable to offer our social sport programme.

We have a range of Outdoor Activities and challenges that you can get involved in and take part in your households. We also offer online classes through our Wellness Team in Zumba and Yoga. If you do have to self-isolate or prefer to workout at home, then you can check out our keeping active at home page that offers workouts, hints and tips that have been tailored to work best in your home.


Our wellness programme is all about students having a positive experience. We have a range of activities such as walking in the peak district, cycling and sessions such as Yoga and Zumba focusing on student wellbeing. The sessions aim to support students and allow them to experience the benefits of sport and physical activity in a relaxed and informal manner. Login to UniHub to see the Wellness offer or look at our Outdoor Activity page for some of the great activities you can get involved with.

A–Z of Social Sport


A Japanese form of self-defence and martial arts, Aikido uses locks, holds, throws and the opponent's own movements.


Play singles or doubles matches with as much court time as possible. You can add coaching to improve your skills.


Make history with Hallam's first ever baseball team. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is required. A free shuttle bus is provided every hour from the HUBS to the Sports Park.


Giving you as much court time as possible, these sessions include match play and small-sided games.  Whatever your ability level, there's always chance to improve your game.

Boxing fitness

These fun and friendly sessions are open to all. Whether you want to learn basic self-defence, relieve stress, burn calories or develop boxing skills, these sessions are for you.


Combining elements of dance, acrobatics and music, this Brazilian martial art is a great way to work out.


Enjoy playing this team sport in which players try to hit opponents with a ball and avoid being hit themselves.

Women's football

These fun and relaxing sessions are open to women only. Whatever your ability level, you'll be given as much playing time as possible in small-sided games.


Futsal is a fast-paced, five-a-side football game normally played on an indoor pitch. Focusing on technical skill and ability in high-pressure situations, it's an excellent way to develop your football skills.

Group running

Our group running sessions are free and suitable for all abilities. Routes are adapted to your ability, making them a great way to get into running. Enjoy the beauty of Sheffield as you get fit.

Just play football

It's as simple as turning up and playing. Student sport activators will team you up with other players and you'll play small-sided games. These welcoming sessions are suitable for all ability levels.


Come and learn about one of the fastest growing sports in a friendly environment. Korfball has similarities with netball and basketball and you'll have plenty of time to help hone your newfound skills. With links to the Korfball club, there's a real social feel to these sessions.


Play netball, make new friends and get fit in these sessions. You'll be placed in rotating teams to play small-sided games.

Park run

The Sheffield Hallam 5km park run takes place in Endcliffe Park, just off Ecclesall Road, every Saturday at 9am. Open to everyone, the run is free and accessible for all ability levels.


Play Squash in a fun and relaxed setting at the Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Centre. You'll be introduced to other participants and rotated on and off court.

Strong by Zumba

High-intensity interval training, featuring bootcamp exercises choreographed to music, which gradually intensifies to give you a total body workout.


Play tennis in a fun and relaxed setting at the Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Centre. You'll be introduced to participants and rotated on and off court.

Table tennis and darts

Meet new friends, have a few drinks and relax at these free sessions based at the students' union.

Touch rugby

Whether you're an experienced player, want to improve your handling skills, or are just starting out with rugby, these high-energy sessions are for you.

Ultimate frisbee

Experience one of the fastest growing sports at University in a friendly environment. You'll learn the essential skills and rules of the game in these social sessions linked with the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Wheelchair Basketball

Everyone is welcome to these sessions where everyone plays together. This fast, physical and challenging sport is played worldwide by thousands of people.

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