Attendance storyline

This resource will help you understand your placement attendance requirements.


Placement Attendance and Reporting Absence

All students, please familiarise yourself with the Placement Attendance requirements and how to report absence from placement.
You can find guidance on reporting absence in the Placement Information.

It is expected that students should be present on placement for the whole day/shift on all dates assigned to them by their placement provider. The Working Time Directive, available in the Policy Library has important information about the total number of hours you may work in a week.  

Working hours guidance


You are asked to complete timesheets for your placements or any make up hours that you complete.

Reporting Absence

It is essential that students report sickness absence as soon as possible when you know that you will be unable to attend your placement. You can find guidance on reporting absence under the Student Support/Attendance and Absence tab in the Placement Information section on this site.

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