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Placement Providers

Placement Providers

Integrated Care: Integrated Learning

These posters and screencasts provide an overview of what our students are learning and experiencing in each year of their Health & Social Care programme. We are making very clear links within the interprofessional modules to the practice placements. We hope this information will help guide you to support varied opportunities in order to consolidate students' learning whilst they are with you on their practice placements.

Placement Providers

Below you will find links to a number of providers who we work with to offer clinical placements. We use numerous small, independent and voluntary sector placements, including GP practices, hospices, nursing homes, and dialysis centres for student placements. You are advised to contact your placement provider for further information when you are notified of your placement allocation if you do not see their name listed on this page or on the PARE site. To access your profile, first login and then select 'dashboard' to search for your placement profile.








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