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Your placements are arranged to provide you with the learning opportunities that will help you to meet learning outcomes approved for your programme:

BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science - Placement Learning Outcomes

Here you will find the Learning Outcomes for the BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science (PDF, 154KB) programme.

Practice Competencies

During clinical placement and specific clinical teaching sessions you will be assessed in the development of practical competencies necessary to practice as a Paramedic. The use of a portfolio is what you have to construct to show that you have developed the necessary knowledge and understanding that supports practice. Also that you can demonstrate that they have the necessary practice skills consistent with your level of experience.

Knowledge, understanding, application and integration of related concepts are divided into broad themes within your portfolio. These are:

  • Principles and Practices
  • Professional Development
  • Practical competencies
  • Electronic Clinical Assessment Portfolio (E-CAP)

Student portfolios

All students will access their portfolio through PebblePad. This is the link for the guide to completing the E-CAP:


Process for Managing a Student who is not Progressing, including Refer and Failure of Placement Attempt

Please find guidance below on the process that will be followed if a student is not progressing in practice as expected:

Paramedic Science Students

All mentors will complete a 'Student not Progressing Form' (DOCX, 23.7KB), this will be used to provide support to you as we try to find solutions to the issues that have been raised. Action plans could be used to support you in completing the placement.