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Travel to Placement and Claiming Travel and Accommodation Expenses

Travel to Placement and Claiming Travel and Accommodation Expenses

Travelling to Placement

We recognise that many of our students will need to travel to their placement. Wherever possible we will not expect students to travel for longer than 2 hours to a placement. 

If a student finds a lengthy journey to placement difficult, please note that "you may be able to claim towards the cost of staying in temporary accommodation near to your practice placement site if it was not possible or practical for you to travel there from your normal term time address each day" (NHS Business Services Authority - Student Services NHS Learning Support Fund, page 7).  Please see below for links to the current rules and guidance on claiming travel and dual accommodation expenses (TDAE).

Please see guidance on Travel information in the Placement Preparation section of this site:

Please also refer to the following guidance on the Student Guidance page in the Policy Library section of this website:

  • Travelling to and from placement safely
  • Student weather advice

Use of your own car on placement

Some students may be required to use their own transport to attend placement If this is the case it is the student's responsibility to ensure that their vehicle insurance covers them for this (Business Class cover – check with your individual insurance provider).

Claiming Placement Associated (Travel and Accommodation) Expenses

Guidance on submitting your claim to be processed by the College of Health Wellbeing and Life Sciences Professional Placements Team.  This guidance is provided in two, complementary formats:

For all expenses queries please ! HWB Placements Admin